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Re: Documentation on -mno-cygwin Accuracy

On 2/7/2012 5:14 PM, Jesse Ziser wrote:

Well, if you don't want them to have to install Cygwin, then that's a bigger issue than just licensing. Think of Cygwin like an OS. If you want to create something that can run under Windows, not Cygwin, then you have to build it for Windows, not Cygwin. I don't know that it is even possible to simply "bundle" Cygwin with your application. Cygwin isn't just some little collection of libraries or something. It's a whole system that must be correctly installed on someone's computer.

If you really want Mingw (a free compiler and development environment
for Windows), maybe what you should do is just download and install
Mingw, and use that, instead of doing it through the Cygwin compiler
using a barely-supported option. (Then you should get help with any
problems you have over at Mingw's website instead of here.)

Building with mingw used to be as simple as adding the -mno-cygwin compiler flag. I know mingw is a separate application, but cygwin's setup.exe took care of the installation, and -mno-cygwin took care of the invocation. From the standpoint of the dumb engineer, it was just a matter of a compiler option in a standard cygwin installation.

It appears that all of that is still possible, not quite as easy but still easy enough, as Marco Atzeri explained.

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