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Documentation on -mno-cygwin Accuracy

2012/2/7 Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Feb ?7 14:10, carolus wrote:
>> On 2/7/2012 1:51 PM, Tim Prince wrote:
>> >On 2/6/2012 2:29 PM, Charles D. Russell wrote:
>> >
>> >>i686-w64-mingw32-gfortran.exe hello.f -o hello
>> >>
>> >>cdr@dell03 ~/mingtest
>> >>$ ./hello
>> >>/home/cdr/mingtest/hello.exe: error while loading shared libraries:
>> >>libgfortran-
>> >>3.dll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
>> >>
>> >
>> >The cygwin distribution of mingw puts the support dlls in their own
>> >directories. You must act yourself to get them on PATH. This is a
>> >consequence of their not being cygwin compilers and giving you a mongrel
>> >combination of cygwin and Windows setup. However, cygwin provides useful
>> >tools like find and export:
>> >export PATH=/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/bin/:$PATH
>> >
>> >
>> The old -mno-cygwin yielded a standalone executable that I could
>> give to a colleague and it would "just work" ?on a Windows machine
>> without cygwin. ?It appears that now one must bundle at least one
>> dll. ?From a licensing standpoint, are these dll's any different
>> from cygwin1.dll? Can they be distributed freely without bundling
>> the source code?

Yes, those DLLs (or static-libraries) provided by gcc can be
redistrubted without having GPL issues. ?Gcc itself has here an
license-expception for those runtime-libraries/objects/headers.

Btw for a mingw cross-compiler the libraries are to be found in
<sysroot>/<target>/lib. ?Only in native variant the DLL-files getting
installed into the <sysroot>/bin folder. ?This was necessary to allow
also multilib-version for windows targets (not that I would encourage
here people actual to use it).

I added to my .bash_profile in the home directory the following lines:


(I am using as sysroot /usr/local - don't do that if you aren't
absolute aware about its side-effects).

> There's the usual misconception about the GPL. ?If you create an
> application which is linked against the Cygwin DLL (or any other GPLed
> library), but you only use the application in-house, there's no reason
> at all to distribute the source code to your collegues. ?If one of them
> really wants it, he can always ask you, right? ?Only if you provide the
> binaries to customers or to the world in some way, you are supposed to
> provide the sources codes as well in a GPL-compatible way.

Right, this is a mistake in assumption, which is often done.


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