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Re: installation issue X11R6

B Raji writes:
> I need to install X window utility in windows environment. I have installed 
> X11R6 package using setup.exe version 2.763, but unable to open the start up 
> window. So, as per the instructions in 'C:\Cygwin\usr\X11R6\doc\Cygwin\x2x-
> 1.30.README' file i tried installing, 'x2x-1.30-2-src.tar.bz2' package. But 
> setup.exe could not complete the installation. 
>  i get the following message "unknown package libcanberra, exit code 127".

Cygwin X Window issues and questions are handled on the cygwin-xfree mailing
list, not this list.  When you repeat your query there, kindly be more specific
about "the start up window" i.e. what exactly you mean by that.  Are you
starting the X server manually somehow (how?) or are you using one of the
shortcuts/icons setup.exe has installed to make it easy?

x2x is not something you need for simple usage of X, so don't worry about making
that work.


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