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'screen' dies when ssh session to cygwin disconnected

Hi !

The issue discussed in a 3 years old thread [1] is still valid (on a fresh cygwin installation), and I think this issue is a cygwin specific one. Any help or workarounds are very welcome. Here is how to reproduce the bug.


1. Install cygwin, with screen and ssh daemon on a Windows machine
2. Install the openssh ssh client on a GNU/Linux machine


1. Open a command line window in Windows (the standard one or rxvt: I tried both: no difference), then either detach from the session or not (I tried both: no difference)

2. Connect to the Windows machine from a linux machine as follows:
ssh win_host -t screen -R -D (instead of "-R -D" the option "-x" could be used, I tried both: no difference)

3. After a while terminate the connection in some brutal way (in my case the vpn tunnel to the private company network is pretty unstable and terminating from itself frequently)


1. Orphaned screen session is detached and capable to accept new connections.


1. The screen session in question is visible, but labeled as "dead?", when "screen -ls" executed .

2. It's not possible to connect to it (screen -x is just hanging forever, no output visible).

3. It's possible to get rid of the dead session with "screen -wipe".


1. Pretty often, but not always: 50-60%,


1. Why it seems to be a cygwin-specific issue? I'm using the same setup with a Debian GNU/Linux machine (with the same screen configuration file) since years and I never observed such a behaviour.


1. cygcheck.out: the output of cygcheck -srv (couple of company specific lines removed)
2. screenrc: the copy of .screenrc from my home directory on the Windows machine



Thanks a lot for any help in advance,

-- Ilya Dogolazky

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