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Re: Slow stat() on noacl mounts due to x permission check

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Feb 3 19:20, Christian Franke wrote:
Cygwin stat() may be much slower on noacl mounts than on acl
mounts.This is because on noacl mounts the x-permission bit is
guessed by checking for "#!", ":" or "MZ" in the first bytes of the
file. AFAIKS this is done for all files except *.exe, *.lnk and

A real world testcase with 20120201 snapshot on a (C++/Java
development) tree with ~52000 files in ~12000 dirs:

.                            noacl  acl
find -size ... (after boot)   518s  51s
find -size ... (disk cached)   13s   8s
find -name ... (disk cached)    3s   3s (does not need stat())

Is it really needed to do the header check for each file?

Would it break important use cases if the check is only done for
files with typical script file extensions?
For example: no extension, .sh, .csh, .pl, .py, ...

Another more flexible solution would be a mount option to configure this.
(xguess=0: no check; 1: some extensions only; 2: all files)
We already have the exec/notexec/cygexec mount options, see

Somehow I misunderstood the notexec option. Sorry for the noise.


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