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Apparent TCL bug in 1.7.9-1 on directory mounted volumes

I have a windows volume (NTFS) mounted on a directory, so it shows up
in windows explorer as if it was in the C: drive, and I can work with
it in cygwin normally as if i am in the tree under /cygdrive/c/...
Inside this directory (in a subdir) I have a git repository.
The git commad line works normally in this repo. However gitk is
broken, popping up a message "Cannot find the git directory ".git""
I traced this problem in the gitk script (a TCL wish script under
/usr/bin/gitk) to the lines:

if {![file isdirectory $gitdir]} {
puts $gitdir
??? show_error {} . [mc "Cannot find the git directory \"%s\"." $gitdir]
??? exit 1

Basically isdirectory is returning false where it should be returning true.

If I comment out these lines, then gitk works normally (I guess it
would be fooled by any file named .git, which is not really a git repo
- oh well)

$cygcheck -c cygwin git gitk tcltk
Cygwin Package Information
Package????????????? Version??????? Status
cygwin?????????????? 1.7.9-1??????? OK
git????????????????? OK
gitk???????????????? OK
tcltk??????????????? 20080420-1???? OK

Anywhere else in the file system, on all drives gitk works just fine.
The only case where it fails is in any git repository in this specific
volume (which is mounted on a directory in the C: subtree)

My OS is Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit

It appears to be a bug in TCL...

Arnon Moscona

Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus, singula dum capti
circumvectamur amore

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