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Re: date command shows time 20 minutes into future

On Jan 27 14:54, Cliff Hones wrote:
> On 27/01/2012 12:48, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > On Jan 27 10:50, David BalaÅic wrote:
> >> Hi!
> >>
> >> I'm running an up to date version of cygwin (update a week ago or so)
> >> on Windows XP Pro SP3.
> >>
> >> Today I noticed the date command prints the wrong time:
> >>  - actual wall clock time: 10:47
> >>  - date output: Fri Jan 27 11:07:38 CEST 2012
> >>  - date -u: Fri Jan 27 10:08:01 UTC 2012
> >>  - windows system time (as in systray) : 10:48
> >>
> >> Any clue?
> > 
> > I don't know where you get the CEST from, but other than that the time
> > problem should be at least partially solved in the snapshots.  The
> > difference from system time shouldn't become more than 40 ms.
> I think the CEST comes from Windows. If you don't have TZ set,
> I think Cygwin turns the timezone names Windows provides into
> abbreviated names by taking the leading letters.
> So Windows "Central European Standard Time" => CEST
> and "Central European Daylight Time" => CEDT
> I've never liked this - arguably Windows is wrong to use non-standard
> naming for the timezones.  It's even worse for us in the UK - we get
> GMTST and GMTDT - ugh.  [UK may be a little unusual, but perfectly
> reasonable in using GMT and BST.]

Uh, right.  Thanks for reminding me.  The problem is of course that we
only have this information source, if the environment variable TZ isn't
set.  Worse, the Windows timezone name is potentially language dependent.
Therefore a simple translation table is not sufficient.  It would require
some registry scanning.  Setting TZ is much simpler.


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