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Re: Latest cygwin.bat - need one

On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 10:45:12AM -0500, Ken Brown wrote:
> There is no longer a default BAT file, and the Windows console is no longer 
> the default terminal.  The default terminal is now mintty.  The current 
> setup.exe creates desktop and start menu shortcuts to start it. This was 
> announced in

>From the user guide:


    You may choose to install shortcuts on the Desktop and/or Start Menu to
    start a bash shell. If you prefer to use a different shell or terminal
    emulator such as mintty or xterm, you can use these shortcuts as a guide
    to creating your own.

    Console Programs

    Alternatively, the optional mintty package provides a terminal emulator
    similar to such X11 programs as xterm (it is not necessary to set
    CYGWIN=tty with mintty nor is it necessary to be running /Cygwin/X).
    Using mintty.exe provides the most Unix-like environment, but expect
    some compatibility problems with Windows programs.


    You may wish to specify settings of several important environment variables
    that affect Cygwin's operation. Some of these settings need to be in effect
    prior to launching the initial Cygwin session (before starting your bash
    shell, for instance). They should therefore be set in the Windows
    environment; all Windows environment variables are imported when Cygwin
    starts. Such settings can be placed in a .bat file. An initial file is
    named Cygwin.bat and is created in the Cygwin root directory that you
    specified during setup. Note that the "Cygwin" option of the Start Menu
    points to Cygwin.bat. Edit Cygwin.bat to your liking or create your own
    .bat files to start Cygwin processes.

>From the FAQ:

    Is there a better alternative to the standard console window?
    Yes! Use mintty instead. mintty is an optional packages in Cygwin Setup.
    mintty is a Cygwin application providing a native GUI without the need
    of X11

In other words, no where in the documentation is it stated that mintty is now
the default startup.  It all leans toward cygwin.bat as being the way things
are started.

So, just what is a user supposed to think when reading the documentation.
When I did the install, I told it not to install the desktop shortcut, as I
already have one.  There was no indication during the install to inform the
user that mintty is now the default startup, instead of cygwin.bat.

At this point in time, I have no clue as to how to set up cygwin to use it,
just to see what it is like.  The rxvt program has been working for me.

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