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Re: /cygdrive/c permission denied

On Nov 29 08:51, Eric Blake wrote:
> On 11/29/2011 08:42 AM, Warren Young wrote:
> > The only serious difference I see here is that I get "d---------+", so
> > going by just that, I shouldn't even be able to cd into it!
> See that + on the end of the mode field?  That means there are ACLs in
> affect; and my guess is one of the ACLs allows your uid to change to
> that directory even though the owner of the directory does not have the
> same permissions.
> > $ getfacl /c
> > # file: /c
> > # owner: ????????
> > # group: ????????
> > user::---
> > group::---
> > group:root:rwx
> > group:SYSTEM:rwx
> > group:Users:r-x
> Yep - just as I said.  The actual uid/gid owner (which is probably being
> treated as -1 meaning your /etc/group and /etc/passwd are incomplete)

For system installed dirs, that's typically the "TrustedInstaller"
account, which doesn't match any usual SID scheme.  It's not in
/etc/passwd or /etc/group since mkpasswd/mkgroup don't make any effort
to generate an entry.  Patches welcome.


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