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Re: Installation problems with home path and sshd

Andy Koppe wrote:
> How did you install mintty, and how are you invoking it? If you invoke
> it without arguments, it'll run your shell as a so-called non-login
> shell (as is standard behaviour for terminal emulators). This means
> that /etc/profile won't be sourced, which is where your home directory
> gets created and cd'd to.
> To tell mintty to invoke the shell as a login shell and hence source
> /etc/profile, pass a '-' (i.e. a hyphen/minus sign) as the last
> argument. That's what the mintty shortcut created by setup.exe does.
Thank you Andy,
I understand where the problem is, but I am not sure to understand what is
to be done, i.e. what arguments give to mintty ?
I installed it with the Cygwin setup. Its shortcut is
"C:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -". The hyphen is indeed there. By contrast, the
regular Cygwin console  (which opens in the right directory) calls a
cygwin.bat, which contains
@echo off
chdir C:\cygwin\bin
bash --login -i
Should I make mintty call the same bat file ?
:) gabier
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