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Re: Installation problems with home path and sshd

On 27 November 2011 10:37, gabier wrote:
> I got sshd to work between a Windows 7 computer and a FreeNAS/FreeBSD
> server, and it works well now, thanks to you here. Now I try to implement
> the same thing on a Vista laptop which is in the same home network. I
> installed the same Cygwin, following the same howto.

Which howto? The author of that should probably be your first port of call.

> But there are unexpected problems.
> 1. The home path was not created, there was nothing in the home directory.
> The mintty console opens in /cygdrive/c/Users/username/Desktop/FREENAS,
> which is merely the link to the icon used to open the console. I created a
> home user directory and now if I enter "cd ~/" I am in it. But mintty still
> opens in its own link directory.
> Cygwin commands work though. I could excecute all file and permissions
> commands.

How did you install mintty, and how are you invoking it? If you invoke
it without arguments, it'll run your shell as a so-called non-login
shell (as is standard behaviour for terminal emulators). This means
that /etc/profile won't be sourced, which is where your home directory
gets created and cd'd to.

To tell mintty to invoke the shell as a login shell and hence source
/etc/profile, pass a '-' (i.e. a hyphen/minus sign) as the last
argument. That's what the mintty shortcut created by setup.exe does.


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