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Re: Can't chmod/chown any more on FAT32 after doing cyglsa-config

On Nov 28 01:21, Benton wrote:
> Hello forks,
> I wanted to setup cron as a service, but after first doing cyglsa-config
> and reboot, it turned out that I can't do any permission related
> operation in my home directory any more, just as the title described. I
> have two question is : Is this a supposed behavior and what should I do
> if I want to change the permission of a file in my home directory now ?
> ( cygwin is installed on a FAT32 partition).  Is this process reversible
> and if yes, how would I unset cyglsa ?
> Cygwin version is 1.7.9 (0.237/5/3) running on Windows XP SP3. Hope
> someone can help explain this a bit ? I really appreciate any possible help.

That has nothing to do with cyglsa-config or installing cyglsa.
FAT/FAT32 does not have the capability to store owner and permission
information on files.  It only supports DOS attributes.  Therefore the
only possible operation on FAT/FAT32 files supported by chmod is setting
or clearing the R/O DOS attribute to fake setting or clearing the 'w'
bit.  chown doesn't work at all.  The owner and group information is
always faked to be the current user.  If you want real permissions and
real user/group information stored on the filesystem, you have to convert
your FAT32 to NTFS.


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