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Installation problems with home path and sshd

Hi everybody,
I got sshd to work between a Windows 7 computer and a FreeNAS/FreeBSD
server, and it works well now, thanks to you here. Now I try to implement
the same thing on a Vista laptop which is in the same home network. I
installed the same Cygwin, following the same howto.
But there are unexpected problems.
1. The home path was not created, there was nothing in the home directory.
The mintty console opens in /cygdrive/c/Users/username/Desktop/FREENAS,
which is merely the link to the icon used to open the console. I created a
home user directory and now if I enter "cd ~/" I am in it. But mintty still
opens in its own link directory.
Cygwin commands work though. I could excecute all file and permissions

2. I can't get sshd running. I ran ssh-host-config and cyglsa config (with
reboot) with no error. But the script did not ask me "environment variable
for CYGWIN=" as the howto said it should have done (with answer "ntsec
Now although the service "Cygwin sshd" exists in Windows, I cannot start it.
With cugrunsrv :

cygrunsrv: Error starting a service: StartService:  Win32 error 1069:
(Following sentence translated from French) The failure to open a session
has prevented the start of the service.

I feel the solution is not difficult but my knowledge of Cygwin/Linux is too
little to find out where to do something.

:) Gabier
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