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Mapping of Windows registry not complete


I'm trying to compile Libreoffice on Windows with Cygwin. For this, I had to install some softs including Microsoft Visual C++ Express 8.
When I launched configuration part of Libreoffice (so just before compiling), I noticed that some config elements weren't found.
By taking a look about the cause of this, I saw that Windows registry mapped by Cygwin located in /proc/registry wasn't complete.
For example I've got :
/proc/registry/HKLM/Software/Microsoft/VC8 (since I'm right now on Linux, the path is not exactly this one but that's the idea) but nothing in it whereas I can see with regedit there are keys and subkeys.
I took a look to /proc/registry32, it was the same.

I use Windows Vista 32 (dual boot with Debian testing) and Cygwin 1.7. I had cleaned previous Cygwin install by deleting the cygwin program folder and cleaned the registry (with ccleaner).

Of course, I saw the tool "regtool" and proposed a patch to LibreOffice to use it. But I'd like to understand why the mapping isn't complete.



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