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Re: Problems with updating nearly any package meant for Cygwin or using packages such as libtool

On 17/11/2011 20:33, Dave Korn wrote:
> On 17/11/2011 13:00, marco atzeri wrote:
>> the problem is that the configure scripts incorrectly looks for
>> that on cygwin is called differently:
>> /usr/bin/cygpcre-0.dll
>> so you need to modify the configure accordingly or
>> remove the test and leave only the check for "pcre.h"
>> same for libidn     /usr/bin/cygidn-11.dll
>> libpq     /usr/bin/cygpq.dll
>> and so on.
>> These are upstream bugs in configure, looking for the lib
>> is wrong as different platforms have different conventions.
>> They should only look for the header.
>   Well, they could look for the lib too, as long as they used the correct
> autoconf macro (AC_CHECK_LIB or AC_SEARCH_LIB) to do so.  

  Whoops, no they can't.  The hydra configure script isn't from autconf at
all; it's just hand-written.

  Well, at least it serves as an object lesson in why you shouldn't do that
(see also: reinventing the wheel, NIH syndrome).


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