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Re: Rolling back to 1.6.x Subversion

Greetings, Jeremy Bopp!

> Thank you for confirming my memory regarding these format changes.
> Still, while it makes sense for the project to make backward
> incompatible changes at times, it still seems odd that the new clients
> wouldn't support using the working copies from at least 1 minor version
> back in order to ease interoperability between SVN client implementations.

Unfortunatelly, changes in WC format for 1.7 was QUITE drastic...
As said, you can find more info on
This is the wrong mailing list to discuss them.

> I could see that the new clients wouldn't *create* older version working
> copies in order to encourage adoption of the changes, but it wouldn't
> seem too hard on the face of it to keep around a compatibility layer
> from the last minor version in order to *use* an older working copy.
> It's the maintainers' decision how they build their project, of course.
>  I just find this aspect surprising.

Andrey Repin ( 17.11.2011, <22:50>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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