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Re: Rolling back to 1.6.x Subversion

Greetings, Andy Koppe!

> Can one use different svn clients on the same working copy, even if
> they are the same version?

You can even use them (literally) simultaneously. Subversion introduced an
appropriate locking mechanics to ensure as much as possible that all
transactions are atomic.
But, as you pointed out, they all must be of the same version.

> I've always been wary of that due to fear
> of subtle differences in working copy format.

Working copy format is dictated by the Subversion client layer
not by a program or moon phase.

> Character encoding and line endings are two possible trouble spots that come
> to mind. 

Subversion on inside using UTF-8. But this could be a problem when dealing
with files outside Subversion.

> I've certainly seen problems with CVS: Windows CVS clients often
> convert to Windows line endings on checkout, whereas Cygwin CVS
> doesn't, so if you check out with one and then do a 'cvs diff' with
> the other, it says that every line has changed.

This could only happen, if you intentionally set svn:eol-style to "native".
Otherwise, it will preserve line endings, or even convert them to the desired
format upon submission.

Andrey Repin ( 17.11.2011, <22:52>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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