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Re: Rolling back to 1.6.x Subversion

On 11/17/2011 05:12, Csaba Raduly wrote:
> On 11/17/11, Andy Koppe  wrote:
>> Can one use different svn clients on the same working copy, even if
>> they are the same version? I've always been wary of that due to fear
>> of subtle differences in working copy format. Character encoding and
>> line endings are two possible trouble spots that come to mind.
> I regularly use Cygwin's SVN and Subclipse in a Windows version of
> Eclipse and never had any problems. I had to postpone upgrading to the
> Subversion 1.7 Cygwin package until Subclipse 1.8 came out, which
> supports the 1.7 working copy format.

One of the really smart things that the SVN project has done is insulate
the working copy from most of the horrors of line ending differences.
The administrative files appear to either have a strict line ending
definition for all platforms or (more likely) clients are expected to be
flexible regarding line ending handling within the files.  The use of
the svn:eol-style property on source files allows for a great deal of
flexibility regarding management of line endings within the working copy.

Ultimately, any problems boil down to the text editors in use and not
the various SVN clients.  As far as I can see, only the combination of
setting svn:eol-style to native and using a crummy text editor could
expose unexpected problems when mixing Cygwin and Windows SVN clients
within a single working copy.  Those problems would really only be in
the text editor and not SVN however since the text editor could receive
a file with unsupported line endings if the Cygwin client checked the
file out.  Either SVN client would do the right thing with the file upon
commit regardless of the line endings it ended up having after editing.

There can't be very many users out there mixing both Cygwin and Windows
SVN clients with a text editor that completely chokes on Unix line
endings. :-)  I've been really impressed with how gracefully SVN handles
this whole line ending issue.


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