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Re: Rolling back to 1.6.x Subversion

On 11/16/2011 2:20 PM, Andrey Repin wrote:
> Greetings, Jeremy Bopp!
>>> I've accidentally updated Subversion to 1.7.x on Cygwin.
>>> Is there a way to get an older package of Subversion installed?
>> It looks like you'll need to check out the Cygwin Time Machine
>> ( if you
>> want to go back to version 1.6.
>> That whole process is going to be unsupported here though, so is there
>> some reason you must remain on such an old release of subversion?
> It's not "such an old", it's a release you need to migrate your working copies
> to 1.17 without checking them out anew.
> Or if you want to tell at a glance, if a directory you're working with is a
> versioned one... which is not possible for 1.17 :/

(1.7, not 1.17).

I agree, Andrey, there are good reasons not to be able to update to 1.7
right now. The Cygwin installer should be able to install the latest 1.6
release by cycling through the versions. The change was just made, so it
may take a little time for the mirrors to catch up.

David Rothenberger  ----

Harrison's Postulate:
        For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.

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