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Re: Problems with updating nearly any package meant for Cygwin or using packages such as libtool

On 11/16/2011 8:34 PM, viper_88 wrote:


I'm not sure, but I guess this ends my use of Cygwin for the purpose of
compiling THC-Hydra with its full capabilities :/ If there aren't any
options to make it work indeed, I think that the only way to accomplish my
goal (apart from a full-fetched installation of Linux on my hard drive) is
to install it on a virtual machine.

Of course, if anyone knows of a way to make GLIBC work with Cygwin, I will
be more than glad to learn it

why do you need glibc ?

cygwin has its own libc (newlib) and hydra-7.1-src
 build easily on cygwin

$ ./configure
$ make

If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament

cd hydra-gtk && sh ./
Trying to compile xhydra now (hydra gtk gui) - dont worry if this fails, this is really optional ...
`src/xhydra' -> `../xhydra.exe'
The GTK GUI is ready, type "./xhydra" to start

Now type make install

$ find . -name "*.exe" ./hydra-gtk/src/xhydra.exe ./hydra.exe ./pw-inspector.exe ./xhydra.exe

Regards Marco

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