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Re: [SOLVED] Re: What updates done after October 3 may affect gfortran built binaries?

>         >    I helped Edvardsen to track this down off-list.  It turns
>         out that FLEXPART
>         > is one of those huge number-crunching Fortran programs
>         that's just jam-packed
>         > with ginormous multi-dimensional arrays.  The final linked
>         executable had 3.38
>         > GB of .bss space!  So, it's not too surprising that it
>         didn't load on 32-bit
>         > Windows; and it's not, as I was worrying, any explicit bug
>         in the compiler or
>         > binutils (although it may be arguable that ld could be
>         helpful if it issued
>         > some kind of warning in these circumstances).
>         Out of curiosity, how then was the OP ever able to make *any*
>         version run?
>         Ryan

I'm not sure of the exact pre-required settings I had when I compiled
FLEXPART to have a successful executable, but there seem to be various
default parameter settings in some of the FLEXPART include files that
will lead to some ginormous multi dimensional arrays. 
I was pretty sure I did the exact same procedure when I compiled
FLEXPART later and got the non working executable, but if the .bss space
was too large, I must have done something else before. It's just that I
can't possibly think of anything I did different.
However, I'm determined to locate the problem, to advice the FLEXPART
developers. I don't want others to go through something similar.


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