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Re: troubles with forking program (not the usual probs though...)

Markus Hoenicka <> was heard to complain:

Hi all,

I've managed to screw up a forking program (refdbd, from in an attempt to install R which I need at work. This does not look like the widely reported fork failures as I do not get any diagnostic output - things just don't work as expected anymore. setup ran uneventfully, except that it failed to upgrade libatk the first time as it was probably in use, so I ran setup a second time after closing all programs. I've appended the log of both runs just in case.


After a few hours of sleep I Looked at the update log again. Only binutils (containing the linker) and mysql-related packages (refdbd was set up to use the MySQL client library) were likely to affect refdbd. Downgrading binutils didn't help. Downgrading the MySQL-related packages was not possible as there are no previous versions available in setup. However, switching to a different database engine (sqlite3) made refdbd return to normal. Therefore I suspect that refdbd was screwed up by upgrading the MySQL client library. I'll follow up on this on the Cygwin Ports list.


-- Markus Hoenicka AQ score 38

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