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Microsoft Word with Zotero or Endnote makes cygwin terminal EXTREMELY slow reading keyboard input

I have a Windows XP system, with a quad-core AMD Phenom II X4 940.
I re-installed XP about 6 months ago, and have been using Cygwin on it
ever since.
Starting yesterday, the Cygwin terminal is extremely slow.
This has nothing to do with X, or fork, or network mounts (I have none anyway).
When I type a key, it takes about half a second for the letter to appear
in the Cygwin terminal window.  If I keep typing, letters appear
at about one-fourth the speed that I'm typing, so I get far ahead,
and it starts dropping letters.  It's like working over a slow modem,
but this is all local.

This only happens when I'm editing a Microsoft Word document.
It only started happening yesterday, when I installed Zotero and Endnote X,
both of which have Word plugins.

No other programs slow down this way.  I'm typing into gmail in
Firefox right now, with a Word document open, and Cygwin is slow
but Firefox is not.

cygcheck issued this error:

cygcheck: dump_sysinfo: GetVolumeInformation() for drive D: failed: 1005

That's because drive D isn't formatted.

cygcheck.out (attached) says:
ZoneAlarm Personal Firewall

This is incorrect.  I have Microsoft Security Essentials, and
sometimes I use Clamwin but usually not.
I'm also running Peerblock, AutoHotkey, and some NVIDIA graphics-card manager.
I tried turning M Sec Ess real-time protection off, but it had no effect.

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