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[BUG ?] Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {libpng/libpng14/libpng14-devel}-1.4.8-1

>>>>> Charles Wilson writes:

    > The libpng packages offer the standard libraries for manipulating
    > PNG files, a turbo-studly lossless image format.  This is a security
    > update.

    > [[ compiled using gcc-4.3.4-4 ]]

    > CHANGES (since 1.4.3-2)
    > ========================
    > o Update to latest upstream release
    > o Security update:
    >   + CVE-2011-2692
    >   + CVE-2011-2691
    >   + CVE-2011-2690

This version dosn't export png_info_init

00000000 I _imp__png_info_init_3
00000000 T png_info_init_3

whereas libpng-1.2 does

00000000 I _imp__png_info_init_3
00000000 T png_info_init_3      
00000000 I _imp__png_info_init  
00000000 T png_info_init        

Is this intednded ?

I get a link error when trying to update Ted in the distro:

gcc  -o Ted tedTocTool.o tedToc.o tedTextOrnamentsTool.o tedTabsTool.o tedTableTool.o tedTable.o tedSymbolPicker.o tedSpellTool.o tedShadingTool.o tedSelectionGeometry.o tedSele
ctionDescription.o tedSelect.o tedSectionTool.o tedRuler.o tedRowTool.o tedParaOrnamentsTool.o tedParaLayoutTool.o tedPageLayoutTool.o tedPage.o tedObjects.o tedObjectDrag.o ted
NotesTool.o tedNote.o tedMouseInput.o tedMain.o tedListTool.o tedLinkTool.o tedLink.o tedLayout.o tedInput.o tedIncludeDocument.o tedImageTool.o tedIcons.o tedHyperlink.o tedHei
ghtTool.o tedHeaderFooterTool.o tedHeaderFooter.o tedFrameTool.o tedFormatToolUtil.o tedFormatTool.o tedFormat.o tedFontTool.o tedFont.o tedFollowLink.o tedFindTool.o tedFindIte
m.o tedFind.o tedFileConvert.o tedEditOperation.o tedEditList.o tedEdit.o tedDrawTextLines.o tedDrawShape.o tedDrawMotif.o tedDrawGtk.o tedDraw.o tedDocument.o tedDocRuler.o ted
Docprops.o tedCopyPaste.o tedColumnTool.o tedCellTool.o tedBottomRuler.o tedBorderTool.o tedBookmarkTool.o tedBookmark.o tedBlinkMotif.o tedBlinkGtk.o tedAppFont.o tedAppColor.o
 tedApp.o layoutContext.o docScreenLayout.o docPsPrintTextLine.o docPsPrintTabs.o docPsPrintShapes.o docPsPrintImage.o docPsPrint.o docPsListFonts.o docOpenObject.o docLayoutUti
l.o docLayoutShapes.o docLayoutSect.o docLayoutRowspan.o docLayoutRow.o docLayoutParaInStrip.o docLayoutParagraphs.o docLayoutPara.o docLayoutPageGrid.o docLayoutNotes.o docLayo
utLines.o docLayoutLine.o docLayoutInline.o docLayoutExternalItem.o docLayout.o docDrawUtil.o docDrawTextLines.o docDrawShape.o docDrawRow.o docDrawParagraph.o docDrawExternalIt
em.o docDraw.o docAdjustParentLayout.o docAdjustParaLayout.o ../lib/docBuf.a ../lib/appFrame.a ../lib/bitmap.a ../lib/ind.a ../lib/docFont.a ../lib/utilPs.a ../lib/appUtil.a \
                            -lpcre \
                            -L/usr/lib -ltiff -L/usr/lib -ljpeg -L/usr/lib -lpng -L/usr/lib -lz \
                            -lXpm -lXm   -lXt -lXext -lSM -lICE -lX11  -lXft -lXrender -lfontconfig -lexpat -liconv -lfreetype -lz -lbz2 -lX11 -lxcb -lXau -lXdmcp   -lfreetype -
lz -lbz2 -lfontconfig -lexpat -lfreetype -lz -liconv   -lm
../lib/bitmap.a(bmpng.o): In function `bpPngiFromBitmap':
/misc/src/release/ted-2.21-1/build/bitmap/bmpng.c:287: undefined reference to `_png_info_init'


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