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Re: Issue downloading appropriate DLLs for CDRTools

On 11/9/2011 15:43, Dr. Torsten Kühn wrote:
A couple of days ago, I had serious problems finding the appropriate
DLLs for a recent Win32-port of Jörg Schillings famous CDRTools.
The port done by Thomas Plank available at
is based on Cygwin.

Cygwin includes the wodim package which comes from cdrkit which itself is a fork of cdrtools. Install wodim and give it a try. It has always worked great for me.

I intended to use CDRTools/ CDRecord as my only Cygwin-application
(perhaps more one day), thus no current need install the entire Cygwin

A minimal Cygwin installation isn't that large, so it would be better to go ahead and install one and add in the package you need. You can assemble things by hand if you like, but you'll be spending your own time to deal with it as you discovered.

> Alas, Thomas' package lacks a comprehensive set of DLLs
required to run CDRecord standalone (the port has obviously been
developed within a Cygwin environment, so the author could not track
which DLLs exactly are required to run his binaries).

Thomas is likely aware of the licensing issues surrounding including the Cygwin DLL and other supporting DLLs in his archive. While the terms aren't necessarily onerous, they may be more of a headache to comply with than Thomas wants to bother.

Apparently, the current download system relies on
(562 KB, as of 2011/11/04). Alas, this tool cannot be used with my
systems, as the dial-in host only runs LX-executables, and the Win32-
computer intended to run CDRTools cannot access the internet via Squid
neither, due to an unsupported onboard ethernet chip.

Setup.exe supports installing from a pre-downloaded set of package files. You can perform an Internet-based installation on a machine with a functional Internet connection to get all the packages you'll want to install and then copy the directory setup.exe creates to hold the downloaded package files onto a DVD along with setup.exe itself. You should then be able to run setup.exe from that DVD and tell it to use the package files already on the DVD for installation.


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