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Issue downloading appropriate DLLs for CDRTools

Dear Corinna, Dear Christopher, Dear Cygwin mailing list!

A couple of days ago, I had serious problems finding the appropriate
DLLs for a recent Win32-port of Jörg Schillings famous CDRTools.
The port done by Thomas Plank available at
is based on Cygwin.

I intended to use CDRTools/ CDRecord as my only Cygwin-application
(perhaps more one day), thus no current need install the entire Cygwin
distribution. Alas, Thomas' package lacks a comprehensive set of DLLs
required to run CDRecord standalone (the port has obviously been
developed within a Cygwin environment, so the author could not track
which DLLs exactly are required to run his binaries).

A 5-hour-lasting-Odyssey revealed that, apart from CYGWIN1.DLL v1.7.9,
libraries from the following packages are necessary to run CDRTools:

I mention the full URLs to indicate the difficulties I had in finding the
appropriate code:
while the "Search Packages"-function ( ) is
great as it indicates the package name for a requested DLL, the search
hits lack links (URLs) to appropriate locations on !

Only a few (and sometimes wrong) packages in handmade directory listings
of and were found (is there a true
"ls-lR.gz" directory listing of more than 59 bytes, which would greatly
facilitate further search for packages?).

Apparently, the current download system relies on
(562 KB, as of 2011/11/04). Alas, this tool cannot be used with my
systems, as the dial-in host only runs LX-executables, and the Win32-
computer intended to run CDRTools cannot access the internet via Squid
neither, due to an unsupported onboard ethernet chip.

Anyway, I finally succeeded, Cdrecord runs nice my WinNT4SP6a system
(already burned first DVDs) - so it was probably worth it to stay up one
night searching 200 kb of Cygwin packages (easier pathways welcome:).
Thus, great thanks for your development!
(The issue with inconsistent libraries in Thomas Plank's distribution has
been adressed to the author - unfortunately, his server bounces my mail).

All the best & regards
Torsten Kühn

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