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Re: Pass windows-style paths to the interpreter from the shebang line ?

Greetings, Timothy Madden!

> As Linda said, I would like to be able to execute my new script from a
> cygwin prompt and from a sh script, with a command like
>         parseLog.php    /logfile/


> For this to work, I think I need the shebang line.

For cygwin, seems so.

> So I tried "#! php" 
> too, the problem is that bash will then invoke the following command to 
> process my script:
>         php /home/adrian/usr/local/bin/parseLog.php

Yep. I haven't run into this issue myself, due to executing scripts from
current directory at all times... *shrugs*

> Now remember that "php" here is the native Windows port that can not 
> read that cygwin filename argument, begining with /home/adrian/...

The problem is not limited to php invocation, but also imposing restrictions
to the script usage.
If invocation issue could be solved by something like

$ cat /usr/bin/php
#! /bin/sh
/c/usr/php-win32/php.exe `cygpath --mixed $1` $*

You'd have to deal with PHP arguments as well.
Simple solution to the latter I could think about is to write a PHP library
converting Cygwin paths into native windows paths, where you know you need
them. Not where some supposedly sophisticated utility thinks you have them.

> The solutions I could think of include:
>         - compose a script named php, somewhere on PATH, written is sh,
>            perl, python, even php,

Naaah, you'd run into loop with PHP. :)

>         - get a cygwin port of php, that understands cygwin-style paths
>           given on the command line. Although Cygwin setup.exe did not
>           install such a port, I am happy to find here that there still
>            is a cygwin port of php available.

There's pros and cons to use Cygwin ports when there's native version of the
same application is available.

>          - have the cygwin port of bash detect if the
>           interpreter binary from any shebang line is a cygwin
>           application or a native application and compose the command
>           line accordingly. Corinna Vinschen on this list says this is
>           not as easy as it sounds, though

Yep, it's not. Especially not if there's a custom loader in executable.

Mixed paths would be safer to use inside Cygwin scripts. Just avoid using your
script with network share through UNC... :/

Andrey Repin ( 10.11.2011, <16:15>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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