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Re: -nolisten tcp -multiwindow combination crashes in XWin startup

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Tue, Nov 01, 2011 at 02:50:35PM -0700, Dave wrote:
Jon:? Thanks for the?pointers to the fork() problem faqs.? That and a bit of googling led?me to give rebaseall a try, and
that appears to have cured my issue.? (For others, instructions can be found at

With all of your googling you didn't come up with any previous
discussions about doing this in setup.exe?

How odd.


*experiencing strangely familiar variations of helpful CFG responses,
I ponder:

I typed in several varitions of
X11,  Xwin,  cygwin, died waiting for dll loading, errno 11...
Tried  " upgrades rebaseall"...

Nothing came up concerning rebaseall and setup.exe...nothing about
discussions...I know... lets try:

"setup.exe rebaseall"

whole bunch of discussions ...came right up...

Maybe _he_ didn't already _know_ _the_ _answer_ in order to
type in the correct search term...nah.. couldn't be that...must be the user's fault..lets blame him!... *doi*!

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