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Re: Possible Bug (clarification) in Cygwin 1.7.5 -- findfirstfile (and findnextfile) yeild bad cfilename when file names have special characters. Works in cygwin 1.5, fails in 1.7

On Nov  9 22:18, Leon Vanderploeg wrote:
> Many thanks to Charles and Corinna for the help.  I have modified the
> code to use the POSIX functions.  I still have one problem I cannot
> seem to conquer.  
> I need to be able to read and write the (yes, I know it's evil)
> archive bit.  Unless there is a POSIX function (which I seriously
> doubt) for these items, I am locked into the windows APIs.
> I have read and re-read the Cygwin documentation on
> internationalization at least 6 times and I cannot figure out what I
> need to do to get this to work.  I have tried numerous combinations of
> environment variables and locale settings in the code, but none of
> them work.  The windows API fails to find the file specified.  I just
> want US English that can handle the extended character set to the
> windows APIs.  In this case, let's use the example of the copyright
> symbol (the small c with a circle around it).  What needs to be set in
> the environment, and what needs to be set in the C code to handle
> these characters correctly?

Nothing.  Just use always the UNICODE API, rather than the ANSI API:

  #include <sys/cygwin.h>

  my_GetFileAttributes (const char *cygwin_multibyte_filename)
    PWCHAR w32_filename = cygwin_create_path (CCP_POSIX_TO_WIN_W,
    if (w32_filename)
	attr = GetFileAttributes (w32_filename);
	free (w32_filename);
    return attr;


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