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Copy, paste and deleting characters in the openssh screen.

I am experiencing daily frustration because I do not know how to get the
following features to my fingertips while controlling my Freenas/FreeBSD
server from my openssh console on a remote Windows computer.
1) copy from windows document or browser and paste in the openssh console
2) copy from the openssh console and paste either on another line of the
console or on a windows document
3) correct my openssh commands by deleting characters with the "backwards"
stroke. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, it seems to depend on the type of
login! The local user (Cygwin) seems to work, the root user on the freebsd
server seems also to work, but another user on the freebsd server does not
work : if I hit the "backward stroke" it prints a triangle (meaning I
suppose unknown character) and there is no way to correct this but to send
the wrong command and retype the whole command. With long commands it can be
very frustrating.

For 2) I have found the trick to redirect the output of the command to a
file and then I read the file with an editor, and I can copy and paste it.
But it works only for the output of the command, and not for the command

I guess the solution is fairly easy. This the newbie condition ;-)

:) Gabier
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