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Re: What updates done after October 3 may affect gfortran built binaries?

>         I will now start going through the updates and change back to versions
>         yielding October 3 if possible. I think this is important since cygwin
>         will give the opportunity to run and develop FLEXPART on Windows
>         machines the way linux-users are used to. In addition, I also see a
>         potential problem of other fortran software that people want to run
>         under cygwin.
>         Regards,
>         KÃre
> my guess binutils
> or some BLODA.
> I downloaded the
> but it is not clear to me how to replicate your build.
> make -f makefile.gfs_gfortran_32
> fails here:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> $ make -f makefile.gfs_gfortran_32
> gfortran -O2 -m32 -fconvert=little-endian -frecord-marker=4
> -I/nilu2/home/flexpart/lib/gfortran/include -c -o writeheader.o
> writeheader.f
> includecom:685.22:
> Included at writeheader.f:50:
> common /globalr/ ! REAL
> 1
> Error: The equivalence set for 'pplev' cause an invalid extension to
> COMMON 'globalr' at (1)
> ......
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Regards
> Marco

Thanx a lot, Marco for takng time!

In order to replicate my build you need to install latest version of the
grib_api library
and istall it with jasper

tar xvfz grib_api-1.9.9.tar.gz
./configure [--with-jasper=<jasper path>]
make install

You then have to edit the makefile.ecmwf_gfortran_32 to have the right
lib and include path's set for gfortran to find jasper and grib_api. The
path's found in makefile.ecmwf_gfortran_32 are just showing where the
programmers installed those lib's before distributing the FLEXPART
If you get a successful build, it will still prompt an error since you
will still miss some expected settings, but you will clearly see whether
this is a bad binary or not.

I will definitely try reinstalling an older version of binutils and give
it a try.

Thanx again for the advice.


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