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Re: Problem with execution of binary file

Mark Geisert (that's me) wrote:
> I haven't yet diff'd the two cygchecks
> you sent but maybe that'll lead somewhere.

I've now done that.  The 'good' cygcheck shows many more packages installed than
the 'bad' cygcheck.  But the only package version differences I found were for
bzr, find and mercurial; the 'good' cygcheck paradoxically shows earlier
versions for those three packages.  Hard to see how those package differences
could matter though.

About the only thing I can think of, and it's a crazy idea, is that the 'good'
environment, with more packages installed, is somehow supplying something that's
emulated badly in the 'bad' environment.  Figuring out if that's the case would
involve building your executable with every possible "verbose" switch turned on
so you can identify exactly where every item going into the executable is coming
from.  Repeated in both 'good' and 'bad' environments.

Or, you could take heart that you've got a good build you can work with now and
just run with that.  Maybe somebody else has another approach to try.


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