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Re: Problem with execution of binary file

>         > Anyway, I've installed two versions of cygwin on the same
>         machine - the
>         > first was installed around Oct. 3 and the second one from a
>         few days
>         > ago. Compiling exactly the same software on both versions
>         gives success
>         > on the older installation and failure on the newer one.
>         Could it be that
>         [...]
>         > Do you have any immediate idea of what could be the
>         potential problem?
>         Only immediate suggestions :).  Run 'objdump -fp' on the two
>         executables. 
>         Perhaps there's a difference between outputs that stands out
>         or is meaningful
>         to somebody on the list when you report it.
>         Another thing you might try is 'cygcheck -svr' on the two
>         Cygwin versions and
>         compare output.  That may show meaningful differences between
>         the two versions.
>          That will have a lot of output to sift through but any
>         differences listed may
>         point to something.
>         ..mark

>         I would add that having more than one cygwin installation
>         on the same system can be tricky, since you need to insure
>         that each program gets the right dlls, etc.
>         Regards -- Eliot Moss

The well working installation was kept on the HD in it's own renamed (C:
\cygwin.good) folder when I installed the latest version. The
installation went through like it was the first time I installed cygwin,
I hope this is ok? Then, I installed my "problem software" on the latest
version - which failed. I even rebuilt the "problem software" on the
well working installation and it works perfectly. My experience is that
I can swich between these two versions just by renaming the cygwin
folder so I only have one C:\cygwin folder at the time (I rename the
other to C:\cygwin.bad or good, depending on which one I run).

I've attached the objdump and cygcheck output from both the good and bad
installations. Clearly, the bad objdump returns stuff that tells me the
compilation of my binary did not turn out right in one case. Maybe one
of you can see what's going wrong at some stage?


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