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Re: Copying HDD to another HDD

On Sun, Nov 06, 2011 at 09:19:52AM -0500, LMH wrote:
> I think you want to use a disk clone to do this, something like the 
> clonezilla live CD. As long as the drives are the same size, or the target 
> drive is larger, clonezilla will just copy one drive to the other. It does 
> a bit by bit clone, so it doesn't care about files and permissions and 
> such.

Unfortunately the original is larger.

> Even if you could copy with cp, you need the boot sector and such to get 
> the OS up, so that wouldn't work.

Actually it would.  There are two ways to do that.  First, which is what I
did in order to find out if the new mobo would boot anything, is to install
XP on the IDE drive.  That created the MBR.  I just erased everything that
was installed on the disk.  The other way is to copy the files over and run
the XP boot disk repair console and run the fixmbr program, which will drop
a new MBR on the drive.

So, I'm stuck with two drives of different sizes, which adds to the problem.

An interesting thought just came to mind.  If I can get all of the XP stuff
copied over and get it to boot and finish the XP upgrade, I can then copy
over the remainder of the files for all of the other stuff, as I'll now have
the permissions I need.

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