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Re: JNI with g++

On 11/5/2011 5:22 AM, Kraus Philipp wrote:

I try to build under Cygwin a JNI shared library. I must use Cygwin because Atlas&  LAPack can be compiled only under Cygwin without the -mno-cygwin flag.
So my library code will be compiled. I link to other Cygwin compiled libraries (*.dll) and some static libs. If I run my Java example I see with the Sysinternal
ProcessExplorer that the libraries will be loaded but the library function(s) won't be run. The code does not create any exception or anything else, only
the function code does not run.

Is there any difference for the linker? All libs are compiled under Cygwin so, if I use them under an executable everything works fine.

Hope anybody can help me with this strange problem !?

Assuming that you're talking about Oracle/Sun Java, cygwin libs won't run with it -- Java is not a cygwin app but a regular Windows app. Its run=time environment is totally different. You have to figure a way to build with no-cygwin using some toolset or other ...

Regards -- Eliot Moss

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