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Re: Problem with execution of binary file

On Fri, Nov 04, 2011 at 06:20:50PM +0000, Mark Geisert wrote:
> Eliot Moss writes:
> > I would add that having more than one cygwin installation
> > on the same system can be tricky, since you need to insure
> > that each program gets the right dlls, etc.
> Sheesh, it's so tricky that I assumed the OP meant he had separate VMs for his
> two Cygwin installations.  If they really are installed on one machine, as the
> OP said, one 'cygcheck -svr' is enough.  I don't think the cygcheck has ever
> been posted in this thread but is the main requirement asked on
> <> when reporting problems.

Also note that the OP is using a home-brewed bash (might be

   22  111648 [main] bash 536 normalize_posix_path:
src /usr/local/bin/bash
   23  111671 [main] bash 536 normalize_posix_path: /usr/local/bin/bash
= normalize_posix_path (/usr/local/bin/bash)
   23  111694 [main] bash 536 mount_info::conv_to_win32_path:
conv_to_win32_path (/usr/local/bin/bash)
   22  111716 [main] bash 536 set_flags: flags: binary (0x2)
   24  111740 [main] bash 536 mount_info::conv_to_win32_path:
src_path /usr/local/bin/bash, dst C:\cygwin\usr\local\bin\bash, flags
0x3000A, rc 0

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