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Re: cannot execute binary file

On 11/2/2011 9:10 AM, Edvardsen KÃre wrote:

Are there any debug options or logs to check when you get "cannot execute binary file"?


- if is it a permission problem you need to check the ACL permissions see getfacl or ACL permission from windows explorer

- if you are missing dll's, you can check with:
  cygcheck ./nome_of_your_file
  ldd ./nome_of_your_file


On ti., 2011-11-01 at 13:00 +0000, Edvardsen KÃre wrote:
On ti., 2011-11-01 at 07:28 -0500, Eliot Moss wrote:
On 11/1/2011 5:24 AM, Edvardsen KÃre wrote:
I've built from source (gfortran) an application that won't run (cannot
execute binary file) and the "file" command prompts: PE32 executable
(console) Intel 80386, for MS Windows. (Yes, chmod 755 is set for the

Here's a wondering: Are the necessary dll's installed properly? Maybe you would see this if the program cannot link its libraries during startup ...

Regards -- Eliot Moss

I did "rebaseall" after installing a couple of necessary lib's.

All compiling (configure, make etc) goes like nothing's wrong (just a
few harmless warnings known for ages for this software). The only real
error displayed is the: cannot execute binary file.

I'll try to reinstall cygwin as admin to see if things change.


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