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Re: -nolisten tcp -multiwindow combination crashes in XWin startup

On 11/1/2011 5:50 PM, Dave wrote:
> Suggestion, perhaps more to the main cygwin team:  Since this issue is cygwin specific and is a bit obscure (I've
> been using cygwin for a good many years, but this is the first time I've recognized I had issues from this), it'd be nice
> if users didn't have to learn about this the hard way.  Could running rebaseall perhaps be automated as part of

Rebase recently (4.0) gained the ability to use a database of
already-rebased DLLs, thanks to Corinna's efforts. I think part of the
purpose was to enable this setup-triggered behavior.

IF setup always ran rebase(all), then with the old rebase, (a) it would
appear to hang for a long time every time you tried to install anything,
while rebaseall was running, and (b) you'd always have to kill ALL
cygwin processes and services, even just to install some simple utility.

With rebase-4.0, those drawbacks won't occur (unless you have to rebase,
say, cygintl-8.dll for some reason).

But, since rebase-4.0 was just released, I think we're letting it simmer
on low heat for a while, before "forcing" everybody to use it during
every setup.exe instance.  It'd be a real shame if rebase-4.0 had some
undiscovered bug...and EVERYBODY got bit with it at once due to a new
"feature" of setup.exe!


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