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Re: Help with ACL and POSIX permissions for external flash/HD.

Greetings, Oleksandr Gavenko!

>> Is it right to update /etc/fstab to:
>> h: /cygdrive/h ntfs binary,noacl,user 0 0
>> How can I set umask? In .bashrc?

Why not uncomment the last line in original /etc/fstab and add ",noacl" there?

>>  What if I run
>> Cygwin program from cmd?

Faster to try than to wait for answer :)
I'm using most of cygwin commands directly.
Most of environment variables that these programs would look for are defined
already, I'm no fan of hiding my personal settings into some obscure (for
system) files, or to have myself headache of remembering, where else i need to
adjust this or that setting to make all programs work transparently from bash
shell as well as when executed directly.

My /etc/fstab :

# For a description of the file format, see the Users Guide

# This is default anyway:
# none /cygdrive cygdrive binary,posix=0,user 0 0
none    /   cygdrive    binary,posix=0,user,noacl   0   0
C:/home /home   bind    binary,posix=0,user,noacl   0   0

Where "C:/home" is a junction to "C:\Documents and Settings" (I'm using it on

Andrey Repin ( 01.11.2011, <21:13>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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