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Install all packages from local repository?

I need to create a "standard" Cygwin setup for a group of developers,
containing the defaults plus a customized selection of additional non-
default packages to be installed (ssh, vim, etc, about 70 total).

I have set up a local repository, on a network share, containing all the
packages that need to be installed.? I find however, that there's no
simple way to have setup.exe just install everything in the local
repository.? Each user has to go through the setup menu and individually
select all non-default packages, or they will not be installed.

The ultimate goal is to provide a batch script that runs setup.exe and
installs a pre-defined set of packages, either from a local repository
or from the Internet.? Ideally it runs headless but having to click
through the install dialogs is acceptable as long as the desired non-
default packages are selected without the user having to manually select
each one.

Is there anything in the local repository I can tweak to change the
install status of non-default packages so they will be installed?

As far as I can tell, the only way to do this currently is to 
explicitly list all the packages on the command line with the -P
option.? Is this the only way?

Any suggestions on how to best accomplish this would be greatly

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