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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: version 5.45 of expect/tcl

On 10/25/2011 3:31 AM, Craig Miller wrote:
Hello All,

I am the author of expect-lite <> which relies heavily
on expect. The version in the cygwin repository is quite old (from
2003). I have compiled a modern version of expect (v 5.45) based on TCL

Expect, originally written by Don Libes, is a program that "talks" to
other interactive programs according to a script. Following the script,
Expect knows what can be expected from a program and what the correct
response should be. An interpreted language provides branching and
high-level control structures to direct the dialogue. In addition, the
user can take control and interact directly when desired, afterward
returning control to the script.

This is a direct replacement for the 2003 version, and can be found at:

Please accept this into the cygwin repository.



I suspect our expect package maintainer (aka cgf) is capable to update the package by himself. Moreover the tcltk package in cygwin is based around 8.4 not 8.5.


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