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gdb problem

The attached testcase illustrates a problem with `gdb -i=mi'. I've tested both gdb 7.3.50-1 and 7.3.50-2, with cygwin 1.7.9 as well as with several recent snapshots (including 2011-10-22).

Under some circumstances, if gdb -i=mi is started and given several input lines at once, it only prints part of the output before stopping. I've been able to reproduce this once in a while while working interactively (by copying and pasting the whole bunch of input lines); in this case one can press Return to get the rest of the output. But the problem happens consistently with the attached test case, which runs gdb in a subprocess. One has to kill the gdb process before the main program exits.

The STC runs as expected on Linux.

The particular input lines I gave gdb are precisely those that emacs sends in the problem I reported in .

I don't know if this is relevant.


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