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Re: Contributing license information?

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Aug 19 11:09, Luke Kendall wrote:
Soon, I will have prepared a list of the location of every license
file in every Cygwin package.  My motivation is to make it easy for
people to find the license information, if they need it.

(Preparing this information has required a lot of work on my part,
so I would be happy if something could be done to make it easy to
keep the information up to date as packages are added and modified.)

What is the best way to contribute the license-location information
so it can be integrated into Cygwin?

Just create a new package for the distro which keeps the information and maintain it. Somebody will have to keep the information up to date anyway.


Is usr/share/doc/common-licenses/ within the "base-files" package, supposed to be the place where all license information is collected? Should I just use that?

I only today noticed

I believe usr/share/doc/common-licenses/ lists many licenses that are not used in the base-files package. I say that because it contains over a dozen licenses, even though base-files otherwise just contains a few shell scripts and skeleton files from etc/{defaults,postinstall, preremove}.

What do you think?



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