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Re: Remove cygwin

On 2011-10-18 14:11, Casual Trash wrote:

I have received a computer with some software already installed and I have to clean it up. One of those software is cygwin, I tried to follow the instructions but without success.

1. I can't locate the cygrunsrv: there is no file with this name and there is no command in the bash shell with this name!
I have also checked the windows services but I can't find any of the mentioned services: sshd, cron,
cygserver, inetd, apache,
postgresql, etc
2. I can't delete the cygwin folder because I receive the "Permission Denied" error, although I have marked all the files as not read only and changed the ownership to my account.

Can somebody help me out?


I'm not sure it applies in your case, but sometimes (and this happened to me under Windows 7), when you have folders or files, or maybe a whole disk, that are from an older installation so to speak, it can be hard to remove such files. I had that happen to me when I took a disk from an another computer that wasn't formatted and had cygwin on it among other things. I could not delete the cygwin folder even though I was running as admin. I solved it by running two commands (and here the old cygwin folder I wanted to delete was located on e:\cygwin):
First, take ownership of all files (recursively):
$ takeown /F E:\cygwin /R

Then, change permissions recursively:
$ icacls E:\cygwin /grant Administrators:F /t

after that I could remove those files and folders from that secondary disk. Maybe it doesn't apply for you, I'm not sure about that, and use with care, but I hope it helps.

- EL

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