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RE: Remove cygwin

Casual Trash sent the following at Tuesday, October 18, 2011 11:42 AM
>Thanks to everybody for the replies.
>I have tried to install again the cygrunsrv, setup.exe doesn't return
>any error but I can't find the cygrunsrv anywhere.
>And procexp.exe has found any process in the cygwin folder.
>So I can suppose that there is no service running and no process is
>blocking the cygwin folder, but why I can't delete it?
>Somebody has an idea?

How are you trying to delete <C:\cygwin>?

Windows won't let one remove a folder if it is the current working
directory of any process.  An easy mistake in Windows Explorer is to
have <C:\cygwin> as the working directory when trying to delete it
from the left panel directory tree.  I'd try using Windows Explorer,
going to <C:\>, and deleting from there.

Another approach would be re-booting (a) into safe mode or (b)at
least keeping things from automatically loading.  (I forget exactly
how to do the latter so I just hold down shift, alt, and control
when booting - one of them works.)

If the person is available, you might ask whoever gave you the
computer (and presumably installed cygwin) for help or advice.

Please excuse me if you've already tried any of the above.  The
email string suggests that you might have tried some, but it is
not clear to me.

Good luck,

- Barry
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