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Re: Remove cygwin

Thanks to everybody for the replies.

I have tried to install again the cygrunsrv, setup.exe doesn't return any error but I can't find the cygrunsrv anywhere.

And procexp.exe has found any process in the cygwin folder.

So I can suppose that there is no service running and no process is blocking the cygwin folder, but why I can't delete it?

Somebody has an idea?


On 10/18/2011 9:03 AM, Oleksandr Gavenko wrote:
18.10.2011 15:11, Casual Trash ÐÐÑÐÑ:
I have received a computer with some software already installed and I have to clean it up.
One of those software is cygwin, I tried to follow the instructions but without success.

1. I can't locate the cygrunsrv: there is no file with this name and there is no command in the
bash shell with this name!
I have also checked the windows services but I can't find any of the mentioned services: sshd, cron,
cygserver, inetd, apache,
postgresql, etc
To remove services that installed by cygrunsrv install it again:

cmd# setup.exe -p cygrunsrv

locate it and run shell prompt:

cmd# cygrunsrv -L # to list installed services
cmd# cygrunsrv -R sshd # to individually remove each installed service

Next you can remove whole cygwin installation directory...

That is.

2. I can't delete the cygwin folder because I receive the "Permission Denied" error, although I
have marked all the files as not read only and changed the ownership to my account.

Can somebody help me out?

This can happen because some process have open handles to this directory.

Try run procexp.exe Ctrl+F and type path to find and kill such processes...
I would add: cygwin is not a monolithic thing. I have a number of cygwin
packages installed, but do not run any servers. So an installation does not
necessarily have any servers for you to worry about. On the other hand, the
permission-denied issue suggests that there *may* be a running server with
files open (e.g., dll's), and that can prevent deletion. procexp is a tool
that you can find and install from the web. It's pretty useful, so you may
as well leave it installed.

Regards -- Eliot Moss


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