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Re: displaying Chinese radicals

Lingyis <> writes:
cygwin xterm or rxvt does a good job when it comes to displaying Chinese
characters, but it doesn't have fonts for all the Chinese radicals.  maybe
half of them show up as "SQUARES".  the ones that do show up i can tell
cygwin did some substitutions--i.e. dug up other fonts when current font
doesn't have this glyph.

Since you're on Windows, try running a ssh daemon and log into your Cygwin using PuTTY. (Or heck, properly secured telnet.)

In PuTTY you can easily configure the font and character encoding.
It does a good job with Asian characters.

I just confirmed that I can see radicals in PuTTY

(Method: go to,
and cut and paste random radicals from the table into my PuTTY window.
The ones I sampled all showed up fine. The font is just Courier,
on Windows XP. "Translation" is set to "UTF-8". This is in the settings
under "Window".)

(But my putty is connected to a Linux system, not to Cygwin:
that's something for you to try. :)

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