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Invoking GUI programs over SSH

I found this previous discussion about this issue, but it doesn't appear to work or maybe someone can elaborate on this issue.

I'm trying to do the same thing, launch a GUI app over SSH on the "server", not sending the display back to the ssh client.

I originally had openssh 5.8 and recently updated to 5.9. SSH to the windows machine works fine for the most part, except for the fact when I try to launch our build tool, which pops up a GUI, it doesn't work anymore. We have a much older XP machine running Cygwin 1.5 which works, but this new machine is running Win7 64-bit w/ Cygwin 1.7 openssh 5.9.

The quick test is to ssh into the cygwin machine and run notepad. Like the previous poster, I can see the process running, but nothing on the "console". I tried the recommended step of adding Interactive Logon rights using the editrights tool, but I didn't see how the poster was able to use the Services GUI to add "Allow service to interact with desktop" for a "regular user". Only the LOCAL SERVICE user has that option in the GUI.
1) Is the "editrights -a SeInteractiveLogonRight -u ssh-admin " command the same as checking the "Allow service to interact with desktop"?
2) The poster also didn't seem to indicate which version of openssh. I found another discussion that mentioned that this capability worked with openssh 5.1:

Is this capability no longer possible/suported?


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