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Re: displaying Chinese radicals

Thanks for the response.  I know this is a font issue, so let me paste what I
get on the Mac terminal:

1 ä yÄ 
2 ä gÇn 
3 ä zhÇ 
4 ä piÄ 
5 ä juà â â â 

These are the first 5 radicals (I have generated all 214 of them) and their
variants (to the right, they all have their unicode codepoints and utf8
mappings).  So for radical #5, 3 alternates do show up.  I couldn't get them
to show up on Windows console no matter how hard I try, so I turned to
cygwin.  Cygwin actually manages to display the 3rd of the alternates, which
means I'm moving in the right direction, but the first two show up as
squares.  The ones right next to the numbering show up fine in cygwin.

(In Windows console, if I switch to an Asian locale, most of the characters
show up, but not the radicals.  I cannot count on an Asian locale in any

There is a so-called "last resort" font used in Mac (supposedly in Windows
as well) so I suppose that's how Mac deals with them.

If so, how do I make sure cygwin uses the "last resort font", i.e. where do
I put/install that font?

Thank you in advance!

Wynfield Henman wrote:
> Linguis,
>   The "radicals" you speak of are only a component part of a Chinese
> character and not the character itself, just as the little dot above a
> lower case 'I' is not an alphabet and doesn't have a code.   
>   If there is an encoding for the radical / which even if it is one of the
> few that are also complete characters, their shapes are very different
> from a complete Chinese character.  However if you have the fonts to
> display them and the encoding to use th
> em you can, but it is not a cygwin issue. 
>  Such radicals can't even be display on a Cinese box as far as I know,
> especially know that the characters have been so simplified (mutilated in
> my opinion).
> Wynfield
> Lingyis <> wrote:
>> cygwin xterm or rxvt does a good job when it comes to displaying Chinese
>> characters, but it doesn't have fonts for all the Chinese radicals. 
>> maybe
>> half of them show up as "SQUARES".  the ones that do show up i can tell
>> cygwin did some substitutions--i.e. dug up other fonts when current font
>> doesn't have this glyph.
>> can somebody give me some advice on this?  on my mac machine the radicals
>> just magically appear, so i imagine the fonts should be available
>> somewhere
>> in cygwin.  thanks! 
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