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Re: displaying Chinese radicals

  The "radicals" you speak of are only a component part of a Chinese character and not the character itself, just as the little dot above a lower case 'I' is not an alphabet and doesn't have a code.   

  If there is an encoding for the radical / which even if it is one of the few that are also complete characters, their shapes are very different from a complete Chinese character.  However if you have the fonts to display them and the encoding to use th
em you can, but it is not a cygwin issue. 

 Such radicals can't even be display on a Cinese box as far as I know, especially know that the characters have been so simplified (mutilated in my opinion).


Lingyis <> wrote:
> cygwin xterm or rxvt does a good job when it comes to displaying Chinese
> characters, but it doesn't have fonts for all the Chinese radicals.  maybe
> half of them show up as "SQUARES".  the ones that do show up i can tell
> cygwin did some substitutions--i.e. dug up other fonts when current font
> doesn't have this glyph.
> can somebody give me some advice on this?  on my mac machine the radicals
> just magically appear, so i imagine the fonts should be available somewhere
> in cygwin.  thanks! 
> -- 

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